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Master list

ACMS Catalogue – (not complete, some items may be missing) 


Slide rules – Fuller cylindrical, Hemi, circular
Calculating aids – Tamaya Planix 5000 planimeter
Mechanical Calculators –  1930s Comptometer, Curta, Contex, Facit, Odhner
Electrical calculators – 1930 NCR Accounting Machine, National etc
Hand card punch
Powers Samas card punch
Powers Samas card sorter
Teletype Model 15, two models [ex-telegram]


IBM 26 card punch (1950)


Friden 130 calculator
Remington calculator
Sharp 364, 6401 calculator (nixie tube displays)
HP 9100, 9830 calculators
Dura 1041 word processor
EAI 680 Analogue computer
EAI analogue trainers
EAI-Pace analogue computer
Bailey 756 (1962) digital & analogue Power Station Controller (incomplete)
Univac 1701 card punch
Teletype 43 termina
Teletype ASR 33 terminal
DEC RF11 disk drive
DEC PDP-8/A (1965) The 1st “minicomputer”
IBM 1401 Mainframe
IBM 729 magnetic tape drive


Little Professor + many IC calculators, educators & games
Casio FX702 calculator
Canon 1614 calculator
Canon 167 calculator
Canon SE800 calculator
Compucorp 325 calculator
HP calc 35, 45, 85 calculators
IBM Displaywriter word processor
IBM Magcard II word processor
Intel development system
National Semiconductor development system
EA Educ-8 kit computer prototype
Tandy TRS-80 – model 1, model 2, model 100 etc
Apple II, IIe microcomputers
Commodore 64 microcomputers
Commodore CBM microcomputers
Commodore VIC20 microcomputer
Microbee microcomputers – Australia’s ‘Bee was an international success
DEC VT100 terminals
DEC LA100 printers
ADM 3A terminals
Tektronix terminals 4010, 4113 etc
DEC TU77 magtape drive
Webster Prism (8″ floppies)
Webster Spectrum minicomputer
CDC 1700 backplane
CDC 1700 core memory
Data General Nova minicomputer
Data General Eclipse minicomputer
DEC Industrial-11 minicomputer
DEC PDP-11 03, 05, 10, 20, 34, 35, 40, 44, 45, 70 etc minicomputers
DEC Minc-11 minicomputer
DEC PDP-12 minicomputer
DEC PDP-15 minicomputer
DEC VAX-11/780 (1978) mainframe computer
Singer System Ten mainframe computer (1970)
Sybron-Taylor 1010 minicomputer [small part only]
Interdata 8/32 minicomputer, ex-UNSW


Sorcerer microcomputer
System-80 microcomputer
Macquarie Uni Dictionary project computer and Teleray terminal
Sinclair ZX80 microcomputer
SCAMP microcomputer (from EA)
Dick Smith VZ200 microcomputer
IBM PC 5110
IBM PC 386
Olivetti M24 PC
Compaq luggables
Compaq 286 (1983)
Compaq SLT/286 (1988)
Compaq 386
Compaq Plus
Amust portable
Datavue Spark
Kaypro II portable
Osborne portable
Dumont Magnum portable (Australian made)
HP 150 Touchscreen
Samtron LP286
Tandy 200 portable
Toshiba T1000
Toshiba T1100, T1200, T1600, T3300
Amstrad PPC640
Amstrad PC1512
Apple Macintosh – 128, 512, Plus, Classic, II, etc
Facom 6732 line printer
Calcomp 1043 plotter
Phillips Gamma computer
IBM Series/1 minicomputer
DEC Datasystem 570 minicomputer
DEC VAX-11/725 mainframe computer
DEC VAX-11/730 mainframe computer (1982)
DEC VAX-11/750 mainframe computer
DEC Micro-11 minicomputer
DEC LSI-11 minicomputer (in wooden kit box)
DEC MicroVAX I minicomputer (1983)
Wicat minicomputer
Prime computer parts


Apple Newton handheld computer
Psion handheld compute
Palm handheld computer
HP handheld computer
HP Pocket Computer
ICL Computerphone
IBM PC Pentium I, II, III etc
many, many,  technology changes so fast we get many recent examples!)
many, many Monitors and Keyboards
Apple Mac 5500
Apple iMac
Apple eMac
Apple Mac portables
Apple Imagewriter printer
many printers
DEC Rainbow microcomputers
DEC 3000, 4000 workstations
DEC microVAX 3400, 3520 etc
HP workstations

SUN workstations
BriteLite Sun clone
Silicon Graphics Iris workstation
modems, routers, media converters and masses of cables
MIPS M1000, M3230, M4000
Labtam X terminals


Almost all the above systems have manuals in ACMS collection
SILLIAC – manuals and circuit drawings
EE KDF9 – a very large manual collection and circuit drawings
IBM 1401 – a large manual collection and circuit drawings


blank punch cards
blank paper tape
blank roll paper
printer ribbons
Paper tape programs for SILLIAC
Paper tape programs for many DEC systems etc
Magnetic tapes – 1/2″ approx 2,000
Cartridge tapes – over 200
Disk packs – approx 50
Disk cartridges – over 200
Floppy disks 8″ – over 200 packets
Floppy disks 5.25″ – approx 500 packets
Floppy disks 3.5″ – too many to estimate
CD-roms – too many to estimate
uFiche – approx 2,000 sheets
Software – requires a large project to document


Brochures, posters, magazines, journals, conference proceedings – over 500
Books on computing topics – over 1,000
Computer spare parts
Computer test equipment, Tektronix Oscilloscope, etc.


Sample some items from our museum-ready collection
The ACMS now has a large collection of display-ready items. This page is a guide to just some of those examples. When the museum site(s) become operational, all possible display items will be exhibited.

3-com, 3M
AED, Alpha Micro, AM Jaquard, Amstrad, Apple, Automatic Totalisators Limited, AWA
Bailey Controls, BBC, Beehive, Blackwell’s Metallurgical Works (UK), Burroughs, BWD
Calcomp, Canon,
cartridge tapes,

Control Data Corporation,

Centronics, Cipher, C.Itoh, Commodore Business Machines, Compaq, Comperex, Compucorp, Corning,
CPU chips
Daewoo, Data General, Dataram (memory), Dick Smith, Dicker Data, Digital Electronics (Australia),

Digital Equipment Corporation,

Dilog, DSD, Dulmont Magnum, Dura, Durango
EAI (Analog), Electronics Australia (EDUC-8), Emulex, English Electric, Epson, Exabyte, Exidy Sorcerer
Faber-Castell, Facit,
Friden, Fujitsu, Fuller
General Robotics, Geostar
Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Honeywell, Houston
IBM, ICL (UK), ICT (International Computers and Tabulators UK), Inforex, Infoscribe, Intel, Interdata, ISC Intercolor
Kaypro, Kennedy
Labtam, Lanier, Liberty
Magnetic Peripherals, Marchant,
MicroBee, Memorex
National Semiconductor, NEC, NCR, Nixdorf
Olivetti, ONYX, Osborne
Panasonic, Paton, Perkin Elmer, Pertec, Philips, Plessey, Power Samas, Prime
Qantum, Qume
Radio Shack (Tandy), Remington,
Sabre, Scitec, Sendata, Sharp, Siemens, Sinclair, Singer, Sirius, Sony, Staedler (Germany), SUN-Hemmi, SUN Systems, Sybron Taylor
Tallgrass, Tandy,


Teledyne, Teletype, Telex, Texas Instruments, Thorn EMI, TIME, Toshiba
Ultimate, Unisys, Univac
VEB Robotron Electronik, Vector Graphics, Victor
Webster Computer Corp (Australia), Wang, Wyse

An oldish Hardware List from 1999 (some items may have gone missing in the intervening 20 years)

.Manuf: Locn- 1999 old- Ident old

DEC + Fujitsu K-N0R001RACK, 5ft ex-POW, no wheels, 3 x empty LSI-11 chassis

Fujitsu Disk M2322 with power supply,
Webster SZV11 cab kit.
DECK-N0R001-T5 x blue single width DECdatasystem cover panels on top.
DECK-N0R001-N8 x H9642 fill and cover panels on N-side.
DECK-O0R002VAX 11/750-FB “671” ex-Aussat Belrose.
EmulexK-N0B001Carton of ex-Optus Modules,

M7061+M7062+M7064 VSV11, 2 x M7858 4 CH SLU with RTC,

2 x Emulex UC08 dual SCSI S-box,

2 x M8295 VT30H, M8188 FPF-11, 2 x M105 ADD SEL, 2 x M7821 INT CONT, 2 x M7823 TIMER,

Computer Plus CTBC module.
Plessey +K-N0B002Flat carton ex-UNSW,
Plessey 701840 module + diags + doco,

PM-DC11A Disc Controller. Feb-80, digital CMOS-8 assy.
DilogK-O0B003Carton ‘ex-ABC’,
2 x M7258, 2 x M873-YA, M7810, M792-YB,

Dilog DU202, M7860, ACT 10039 ?DR11, M7547 TK50, 2 x
M9312, M7681, ACT 10015, 2 x M7800, DSD 808830, MDB-11U,

HP D1640-66516,64940-66501, M7264, M7955, M9400-YC, +
HPK-O0B003aCSS 2K-HOMAA-00 set, M8217, M7950, M7951,

HP 94308F, ACT 10015, DSD 808830, Matrox QVAF-512,

M8186, 3 x M8044-DB, M8044-DC, M8044-DF, M9400-YB, 3 x M7944, M7949, M8043, M7258,

HP 7908 doco, cartridges etc, DD11 ? backplane.
HPK-O0R003HP 7970E 0.5inch; Tape Drive, ex-Eveready, (MEGA Auction purchase, Rosebery)
?K-O0R003-N3 x side panels on N-side, ?Singer?
DECK-O0R004VAX 11/750-AB s/n BT00817 ex-?AWA-Gaming?, with MassBus etc.
Olivettik-O0R004-Ton top – Olivetti P 6060 desktop system, see doco elsewhere.
DECK-O0R005VAX 11/750-AA ‘UTSVAX’ purchased by JAG, see also doco, media etc
DEC +K-O0R004-Ton top – VT220+VT240 doco, Visentech VS-320 doco, 2x Micronetics MSM doco,

Prime brochures, copy SDS SMM-300 manual, IBM ES/9000 brochure etc,


AbleK-O0B004Flat Carton – ABLE 102008, M8203, M7455/TSU05, 2x M7819, 3xM9047, H325
HPK-O3P005HP 5451B-275 Fourier Analysis System (ex-Nigel Harris);



HP-13215A DISC POWER SUPPLY, Box Cables, HP-2100S ++



HP7900A DISK DRIVE, 20+ Manuals.
PriamK-P0R006H960 – PDP11/34, RL01, CIPHER F880 Magtape,

PRIAM disk 150MB, LA210, 2x LN03 Lasers, Ex-Commerce Dept. Sydney Uni.
PlesseyK-P0R006Filter 12-13097-00, feet, filler panels, ?11/34 backplane, DD11R,

2x Plessey PM-TC11 backplanes (4 slot)
CDCK-P0R007Ex-PCI Peripherals, decdatasystem, 4ft cab with RK05J, PDP11/10 (needs work);

on top – incomplete CDC 9448 disk drive
DECK-P0R008SA482 ex-UNSW, missing 4x RA82 HDAs
OlivettiK-P0R008on top – Olivetti BCS 2030 documentation (2 boxes) ?
DECK-P0R009H9642, 3x RA81 (suit spares) ex-UNSW
DECK-P0R009Large Carton DEC documentation, TSX Plus, DECwrite Manual (more details ?)
DEC +K-Q0R010SA481 – S.I. 476 Mb (?Eagle) disk on top
HPK-Q0R011H9642, 3x RA81, (TOP) M2298 disk (160Mb), HP-2640 kb, 4x Rack slides
HPK-Q0R012H9642 – RL02, RA80; HP feeder/cutter for plotter
DEC +K-Q0B00613x Faulty LK201 KBs, 8 Large modules from TU80 tape drive,
2 x INTEL 556 module, (ex OPTUS Belrose)
DEC +K-Q0R01311X84/PD – no CPU, some Unibus modules,
2 x Wyse WY85 Kb, Freedom 220 Kb,

EMULEX CP22 distribution panel,
Clean Line power conditioner 1000BA, Bag of cables
DEC +K-Q0R013-Ton top – BA23 chassis, Microvax II – no drives,

Fujitsu M2322K disk, teletype 33 – (needs attention)
DECK-Q0R014H9642 2x RA81 – spares only, ex-UNSW/ex-ASX
K-Q0R014-Ton top – Carton with Calculator, assorted parts ex Prof Bromley – more details later,

BA11 expansion box missing parts !! (was VT07-DS)
DEC +K-Q0R015Ex-CSIRO PDP11/23? – RL02, RX02;
top RL02, carton papertape, carton cables, PCI de-gausser (bent)
?K-R0R016U89642 – COMPEREX/FUJITSU disk drive, 3x PC238-AB, vdu, 8inch; floppy, 2x alarm boxes (empty),

NEC APC-H26C hard disk, 2x micropolis 5 1/4inch floppy drives ex-Uni Wollongong,
carton computer printout sliding hangers.
WordplexK-R0R016-T(TOP) wordplex VDU 80-1, box of assorted parts, small printer, 5 keys
DECK-R0R017TU80-CD tape drive ex Aussat, with
laser printer (series 1), faulty fuser ex-Warnecke LN03.
DECK-R0R017-T(TOP) LA120, LA120 parts ex Aussat
HPK-R0R018TU80-CD tape drive, faulty LA120 (top), HP9816 VDU
DECK-R0R019TU80-CD “672” ex-Aussat, LA120 (top)
Data GeneralK-W4R020Data General Eclipse System, 2 disks, 1 tape drive
Data GeneralK-W4R021Data General Eclipse MV/4000 cpu, [document binders x3 moved to doco shelves]
Data GeneralK-W3R022Data General Nova/4, CPU, 2x disks, 1x tape drive (ex inCITEC, Newcastle)
Data GeneralK-W3R023Data General – SCSI Raid Array Cabinet (ex-DG, N.Ryde Mar-00).

Inc 15x 1GB 5.25inch disks. * rear shelves empty.
DECK-M0R023H9642 Jumbo, Microvax II, 2x RA81, TK70 (ex-INCITEC Newcastle)
Data GeneralK-W3S009(TOP R021) Data General ‘One’ Laptop 256K. + S009A Power Pack.
K-H0P001Pallet [JAG] of Megatronics’ Projectors – repacked under pallet racking.
HPK-V1R024HP-9867B MASS MEMORY – ie HP7900A Disk Drive 2.5+2.5 MB with Power Supply
and interconnect box.
(All in/on HP low-line office cabinet).
DECK-V1R025DEC [MEGA] RM02-AD 80 MB (removable) Disk Drive – ex-Macq.Path (MEDPATH) RSTS System.
HPK-V2R026HP-7933 Disk Drive (removable)
InterdataK-Y3R027INTERDATA * 8/32? – rescued from Audodata, missing side, rear panels. (key inside)
DECK-Z2R028HSC70-AB * [can’t remember source, may be St.Leonards Lend Lease?].
BurroughsK-V2S003Burroughs B21-1T, 384K CPU and Display Unit * (keyboard, disks elsewhere).
HPK-V2R029HP 1000 System [MEGA] – HP1000-F plus Floating Point Unit * ex-Tafe, goes with Lab. System?.
Telex CorpK-V2S004TELEX 1220 [MEGA] * Network PC – 286, 3.5inch floppy (ex Telecom).
?K-U2R030COMPUTERVISION [MEGA] * actually Thorn 0.5inch Magtape Drive (pertec i/f).
[CDC SMD disks removed/sold]. Ex-Telecom.
UnivacK-Y3P002UNIVAC 1701 VERIFYING CARD PUNCH * ex Malco Engineering, Sydenham.

(ex-CSIRO via Colin Coles, Jul-99) see item list on donation doco.
Singer +K-X3S012SINGER System Ten (Friden model 20 processor) * 2 x ICL model 82 VDUs on top.
SingerK-X3S013Disk Drive for SINGER System Ten. (1 of 2)
K-X3S013(TOP) DULMONT Electronic Systems Pty Ltd – Made in Australia – DM256 dual 5.25 disk drives, s# 02373; DM256
main unit s#01312, 2x disk cables (ex-UNSW Sociology Dept, Prof ) * very good KB.
NCRK-X4S011NCR 32, Accounting Machine, ex-Carol Brash, etc. side panels for desk are elsewhere.
OlivettiK-Y2SOlivetti PERSONAL COMPUTER M21 – luggable, in carry bag, model XP850 s# 5311392,
neat unit with 3 manuals in acrylic boxes, (ex-UNSW Sociology Dept; ex-STA office?)
HPK-L7S001HP-59309A HPIB DIGITAL CLOCK – (ex AWA/Aussat) – this is not a wrist calculator.
DECK-N8S002DEC [Mega] Micro-PDP-11/53 – model 153QA-B3 (ex Wool Tech. RY15442), needs modules replaced.
DECK-Z1S005DEC [MEGA] VAXstation-3100/M38
[WS42A-CW s# AB03100104 digital asset# 032841], RX23-AA s# SH94807674, RZ26L
s# CX40381105, RZ23-E s# SH01621848, H7821-00 s# HK02719144.
DECK-Z1S006DEC [MEGA] VR297-D4 s# SY12719388 (ex DEC car-park sale).
DECK-Z1S007DEC [MEGA] Storage Expansion
SZ12B-XB s# AB14602075 Series BA42A Device RZ56, RZ56 s# SH04110872, RZ56 s#
SH14310385, H7821-00 s# ME14569925 (ex-DEC car-park sale).
DECK-Z1S008DEC RZ55-F3 s# AB9520167U (ex-Software Technologies Mar-99).
DEC ++K-Z4CAGW3, ex-DEC F.S. spares, un-boxed items, most in pink bubble-wrap ==>
see file
, Z4__CAGE_CONTENTS.list, on VS-3100.
Fujitsu +K-Z9R031H960 Cabinet (MEGA), Kennedy 9000 1/2 inch Magtape,
System Industries 160Mb Disk (Fujitsu)+Power Supply *
Ex-Peko services PDP-11/44. loose VT240 box, Rainbow 100 box.
DECK-Z9R031-T(TOP) VT131, 2 x VT100-AB, 3 x VT100-AA (some ex-Aussat, NOP)
Fujitsu +K-Z9R032H960 Cabinet (MEGA), 2 x Fujitsu 450Mb Disks, Fujitsu 160Mb Disk, loose 4 slot Q-bus,

AD01 A/D unit * Ex Peko services (PDP-11/44 recycled by JAG), loose TAB-125.
DECK-Z9R032-T(TOP) 6 x digital VT102 (mainly ex-Aussat, NOP/MEGA)
DECK-Y9R033H960 Cabinet (MEGA) TE16 1/2inch Magtape, TM03, loose H3014 mux 24 x DB25 panel,
861 power box, cables, RD? expansion chassis?.
DECK-Y9R033-RHSloose grey H960 side panels
DECK-Y9R033-T(TOP) 2 x VT131, VT100-AB, VT100-NB, VT278-AJ (?DECmate), VT103
FacitK-Y9R034H960 Cabinet (MEGA) RK05J, RK05, pdp11-? (missing front panel, ?modules),

loose DZ11 20mA distn panel, FACIT paper tape reader/? (ex-Alcatel)
DECK-Y9R033-T(TOP) VT100-AB, VT102, VT100-NB, VT125, VT131, VT100-AB
DECK-X9R035H960 Cabinet (MEGA) PDP11/34, RK05J, RK05, (ex Alcatel),

loose M7904, loose VDU model DP-920U (Thorn-EMI)
DECK-Y9R034-T(TOP) VT100-AA, VT100-NB, 2 x VT132, VT100-AC, VT100-AB
DECK-X9R036H960 Cabinet (MEGA) 2 x RK05, PDP11/04, PDP11/10 (thin),
loose 2 x thin 4 slot Q-bus chassis (ex Alcatel).
DECK-X9R035-T(TOP) 3 x VT100-AB, VT101, VT131, VT100-XX (CSIRO special)
DECK-X9R036-T(TOP) 2 x VT100-AB?, 2 x VT131, VT125-A5, VT100.
DECK-X9R036-RHS, loose black H960 rear door panels.
DEC +K-W9R037H960 Cabinet (MEGA) RK05, RK05J, PDP11/34, Unibus exp box,

loose HP2761A Optical Mark Reader (needs restoration, leaking oil), L0007-00, 70-16976 (replaces 54-14014, 29-81943
(Vitalink), +D-00869 (Osborne Turbomate IV CPU pcb)
DEC +K-W9R037-T(TOP) 3 x VT100-AB, VT100-XX (CSIRO special?), VT100-AA, CIT-414.
DEC +K-W9R037-T(TOP) VT100-AB, VT102, VT103-BA, VT125, CIT-414, VT100-AB.
DEC +K-W9R038H960 Cabinet (MEGA) 2 x RK05, RK05J, (ex Alcatel?)

loose General Robotics GRC 11/X3 (pdp11), FE-PHE09-KA (?7inch vdu guts)
DEC +K-W9R038-T(TOP) VT100-AB, CIT-101 (clone of VT101), VT101, TELERAY 926 (VT clone), VT100-AB.
DECK-W9R039H960 industrial-11 (ex-Brisbane St),
DL11 connection panel (non-DEC), ME11, Paper Tape punch/reader, PDP11 (M11-20
S-295 dated 8/11/70), unibus exp. box.
DECK-W9R039-T(TOP) 2 x VT100-AB, VT180, VT278-AJ,
Kennedy +K-V9R040H960 Cabinet Kennedy 2800 1/2inch magtape, paper tape punch/reader,

TU60 decassette, PDP11/10 (switchable console speed). (ex ?)
DECK-V9R040-T(TOP) VT100-AA, VT100-WB, VT103, VT278-AD,
DECK-V9R041H960 Cabinet, RS11 disk, loose H960 legs, distn panel, front panel.
DECK-V9R041-T(TOP) 4 x VAXmates
DECK-U9R042H960 olivetti SP600 (rebadged 11/35), 2 x VT220 clones, (ex John Murray?)
DECK-U9R042-T(TOP) 4 x VAXmates
DECK-U9R042-T(TOP) 4 x VAXmates
CDCK-Z9S…Control Data Corp. 1760? Backplane+modules, ex-Sydney Uni.
WordPlexK-Z9R043Wordplex WP Systems (2), Monitors, Printers, Disk drives,

ex-Marrickville Council via John ??, Springwood.
Philips +K-Z8P003small pallet, 10 x Philips ATM system units, 3 x HP85 portables (MEGA), IBM portable
(ACMS ex-Tafe Padstow?), 6 cartons DC300/DC600 magtapes (MEGA), 5 x DECserver 100/200 shells.
DEC -K-U9R044H960 Olivetti SP600 (rebadged 11/35 – front panel removed), 2 x loose small system boxes.
DECK-U9R044-T(TOP) 4 x VAXmates
DECK-U9R045H960 cabinet – almost empty
DECK-U9R045-T(TOP) 2 x VAXmates
DECK-T9R046H960 cabinet, PDP11/35,
DECK-T9R046-T(TOP) 3 x VAXmates
DECK-T9R046-T(TOP) 2 x VAXmates
DEC +K-T9R047H960 cabinet, 3rd party controller
box, 2 x Liberty VDUs, HP150?, 4 x H…. 48v? power supplies (suit BA23)
DECK-T9R047-T(TOP) 2 x VAXmates
Pertec +K-T9R048H960 cabinet, PERTEC 1/2inch magtape drive ?800 bpi.
LibertyK-T9R048-T(TOP) 4 x Liberty 220 equiv VDUs.
DECK-S9R049H960 cabinet, industrial-11 (ex-ABC PDP11/40)
LibertyK-S9R049-T(TOP) 4 x Liberty 220 equiv VDUs.
DECK-S9R050H960 cabinet, PDP-11 (missing front panel)
LibertyK-S9R049-T(TOP) 4 x Liberty 220 equiv VDUs.
LibertyK-S9R050-T(TOP) 4 x Liberty 220 equiv VDUs.
DECK-S9R051H960 cabinet, PDP11/45
TatungK-S9R051-T(TOP) 4 x Tatung VDUs.
DECK-R9R052H960 cabinet, PDP-11 missing front panel,
TatungK-R9R051-T(TOP) 3 x Tatung VDUs.
ITT ?K-R9R052-T(TOP) 4 x ITT Monitors? (ex-Telecom).
K-R9R053H960 Pace Industries Inc. Pack Tester. RX02, PDP-11/04.
ITT ?K-R9R053-T(TOP) 2 x ITT Monitors? (ex-Telecom).
DECK-O7R054H960 cabinet – empty – being used by Max for wooden shelves and posters ?.
BurroughsK-Y5P004Pallet of BURROUGHS Printers + VDUs (in Fujitsu cartons, ex-Neil Short, Aug-99.)
DECK-Z9R055Dec 60inch Cab, (MEGA) TS11, RA60, RA81 (ex-MEDPATH)
HPK-Z9R055-T(TOP) HP2628A, HP2624B/P, HP125 (cp/m system), HP2624B.
DECK-Z9R056Dec 60inch w-Cab, (MEGA) TX78U (TU78)
HPK-Z9R056-T(TOP) 2 x HP2622A/P, HP125 (cp/m system), HP2623A/P.
DECK-Y9R057Dec 60inch w-Cab, (MEGA) TE16 Magatape,
HPK-Y9R057-T(TOP) HP2621B, HP2624B/P, HP2621P, HP2621A.
DECK-Y9R058Dec 60inch w-Cab, (MEGA) PDP11/44 (ex-MPS)
HPK-Y9R057-T(TOP) HP2621B, HP2624B, HP2621A, HP2624A.
DECK-X9R059Dec 60inch w-Cab (bent), (MEGA) TE16, (ex MPS), loose power distribution box,
HPK-X9R058-T(TOP) HP2624A, HP2621B, HP2624A, HP2621B.
HPK-X9R059-T(TOP) HP2622A, HP2624A, HP2629E, HP2623A.
DECK-X9R060Dec 60inch Cab, Thermal Alarm
unit, 2 x mux distribution panels, RA distribution panel,
HPK-X9R059-T(TOP) HP2629E,
HPK-X9R060-T(TOP) HP2624A,
DECK-Z3R061Dec 42inch Cab, 2 x RA82 Disk Drives, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Z3R061-T(TOP) 2 x dec LA12 dot-matrix printers * consoles for HSC50s, [MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Z3R062Dec 60inch Cab, TA78 Magtape Drive, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Z3R063Dec 60inch Cab, SA800 Storage Array, ie 4 x RA92 disk drives, [MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Z3R064Dec 60inch Cab, SA600 Storage Array, ie 8 x RA90 disk drives, [MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Z4R065Dec 42inch Cab, HSC50, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Z4R065-T(TOP) dec Communications Server, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Z4R066Dec 42inch Cab, HSC50, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Z4R066-T(TOP) dec Communications Server, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DECK-Y3R067Dec 27inch Cab, DECmate + dual RX01 drives * ie DECmate I (in VT100 case).
DECK-Y3S014Digital PRO-350 system on office pedestal * ex-Kevin H. [need to find processor??]
UnisysK-Y4R068UNISYS 34inch Peripherals Cab, with Power Dist. [purchased by MEGA.]
K-Y4S015desktop CP/M system, 2 x 8inch floppies, ex-Macq. Uni. via Ray Robinson.
computerised version of Macquarie Dictionary.
K-H2P999aPallet of ‘small,stackable’ System Units; Mostly ex TAFE (NSW)

DONATIONS via NOP SIG from MEGATREND (Artarmon) Aug-Sep-Oct-99.
K-H2P999aa–> Now most items stored in UNIT M26 in adjacent building.
DECK-H2P999bctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01,, s# KA046D2441, (no Disk),
DECK-H2P999bctd; VAXserver 3100., , DV-31ABB-A-A01,, S# KA02907871, RZ23E
DECK-H2P999cctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01, S# KA046D2458, 2x RZ23E, PROBLEMS,
DECK-H2P999dctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01,, S# KA240Z6099, (no Disk),
DECK-H2P999ectd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01,, S# KA240Z4716, (no Disk),
DECK-H2P999fctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01,, S# KA223R3563, (no disks),
DECK-H2P999gctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01,, S# KA240Z4725, (no Disks),
DECK-H2P999hctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01, S# KA050D3690, (RZ24-E), DEAD P/S,
DECK-H2P999ictd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01, S# KA225S2628, (no
Disks) “DO0INV” dusty, suspect Power Supply,
DECK-H2P999jctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01,
S# KA046D2457, 8M, 2x
RZ23, “E12343”, boots v5.4-2,
DECK-H2P999kctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01, S# KA051D4017, 4M, RZ24,
needs attention, (TZ30 gone),
DECK-H2P999lctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31ASB-A-A01, S# KA029C7889, 4M, 2x RZ23, boots v6.1,
DECK-H2P999mctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31ASB-A-A01, S# KA029C7877, 8M, 2x
RZ23, boots v5.x,
DECK-H2P999nctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31ASB-A-A01, S# KA029C7892, 8M,
RZ23-E, RZ25-E, dusty, boots, “NOF100”,
DECK-H2P999octd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01, S# KA240Z5226, 8M, RZ25,
“SYG6MV”, boots v5.4-2,
DECK-H2P999pctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31ATB-A-A01, S# KA016C5498, Power Fault, RZ23-E removed, 8M removed, “VAX V311”,
DECK-H2P999qctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01, S# KA232U7918, RZ23-E, RZ25-E, dusty,
DECK-H2P999rctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01, S# KA240Z4720, dusty, quiet box, “DH02MV”,
DECK-H2P999sctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31ATB-A-A01, S# WF94105204, RZ23,
RZ25L-E, dusty — may be a VAX-station ?,
DECK-H2P999tctd; DECstation3100., PM20A-CD, s# AB92601C8H, no disks,
DECK-H2P999uctd; DECstation5000/25 PM30A-AA, s# AB21901RTN, no disks, no memory
DECK-H2P999vctd; VAXstation3100. M38, WS42A-D, s# AB11702FS5, RZ24-E, JAG fix
!?, ex-RHODES Car-Park,
DECK-H2P999wctd; VAXstation3100. VS42A-DA, s# AB03600TA3, no disks, ex-RHODES Car-Park.
DECK-H2P999xctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31ETA-A-A01 s# KA101D4639, MEGATRONICS MV-3100/20; ex-UTSEE Cluster
Boot Node; also HOMEBUSH Cluster; Faulty 12v on J1 socket; needs repair, MB
changed Oct-99.
ZZZAGBaEx-Syd.Uni Calculator Corner
Collection 09/98:
HP-9100B s/n 938-01000 (1983/115);
Friden 130 Electronic
Calculator s/n 5405A;
HP-9820A s/n 1144A00674;
IBM 5100 WT;
ADDO Paper Tape
CANON Canola SX-300 s/n 400365; +
ZZZAGBbcont: SHARP Compet 364P-I s/n 31963107;
IBM 3179 s/n 3179-29657;

2x DATACRAFT DC-38 Digital Memory Stack;

DES Colour Display AMT-12RGB/V s/n 900236;
OLIVETTI Summa Quanta 20 Mechanical Calculator.
ZZZAGBdEx-Syd.Uni Calc.Collection 96/97:

Rockwell AM-65 2 cartons;
ADM II Terminal 1 carton;
SAGE II ex-Chris Burrows
large carton;
8 x small calcs “MPD II Microelectronic”
MORROW DESIGN “Micro Decision” in carry box;
ZZZAGBectd: TRS-80 large carton;
VIC-20 in original packaging;

HP9800 manuals; HP9825B; HP9825A; HP85 &

TI 58/59 doco carton; CDC 1700 manuals 2 cartons;

APPLE Mac AUX docs; APPLE II/IIe (5) large carton;

COMMODORE Pet 2001 series;
ZZZAGBfctd: 2 x HP7220C Plotter; HP9872A Plotter;

TEKTRONIX 4662 PLotter; THOMPSON Monitor; VISUAL 102 Monitor;

2 x APPLE Monitors; ZENITH Monitor;

Carton CPM Basic manuals + IBM Software;

2 x cartons HP9830 Tapes (Fekete);
ZZZAGBgctd: 2 x cartons HP150 software;
3 x SUMLOCK Comptometers; Box Touchpads (ex-EDU);

carton TRS-80 bits; 2 cartons Apple II doco;
Calculator in black box 1480-44;

High Speed Paper Tape Punch ?KDF9;
2 x HP9830A; HP9820A;
ZZZAGBhctd: 8 Channel Tape Keyboard/Punch ?KDF9;
HP9100B; box CANON 1614P calculator
manuals & cards;
HP9825A; box HP9800 series stuff; 2 x HP9866A Printers;

7 x DATACRAFT DC-38 Memory Digital Stack modules; DEC PDP 11/10;
ZZZAGBictd: IPL Monitor; IBM Monitor; DICK SMITH System 80;

CANON Canola SX-100; SORCERER; CANON Canola 1614P;

EZISCAN II Gulf Stream Micro Systems;

HP9865A Cassette Memory; ‘Black Box’ modem;
COUTEX 10 Calculator; COUTEX 55 Calc;
ZZZAGBjctd: 2 x APPLE Floppy Drives;
BAUSCH & LOMB HiPad Digitizer;

Datel PDP-11 i/f assembly;
NCR Printing terminal;
printer unit P1;
SHARP Markcard reader;
Challenger (ex-Barry de-Ferranti);
ZZZAGBkctd: HP9885M Flexible Disk Drive;

CANON Canola 1614P; 2 x TI-99/4 Expansion System;
IBM misc floppy disk
HP2240A Measurement & Control processor;

BBC Acorn; TRS-80 Digitiser; Dick Smith System 80; box IEEE Spectrum;
ZZZAGBmctd: 4 boxes Software (ex-EDU); 2 x IBM Personal Computer Graphics Printers;

Commodore CBM Model 8032 Computer; box Commodore software (ex-Arthur Scott);

IBM 729-II Magnetic Tape Unit Drawings (ex-Combe);
HP9862A plotter;
ZZZAGBnctd: box IBM 360/370 Manuals (ex-Combe);

2 x DIEHL Combitron S Calculators (Delay Line Memory);

CANON Canola SX-320 calculator;
TI Silent 700 Portable Data Terminal;

Casio 101 Desk Calculator; CANON Canola SX-100;
ZZZAGBpctd: 3 x HP-85 Computer; HP9866A Printer; HP9830A Calculator; HP9871A Printer;

Digital GiGi Computer; Teletype 43 terminal;
TOSHIBA Toscal calculator;
HP-87 Computer;

Porta-Pak (OZ) Computer;
Burroughs Terminal (Plasma Display);
ZZZAGBqctd: CANON Canola 161 large desk calculator;
FACIT electronic calculator;

BURROUGHS C7200 series calculator;

CASIO FX-9000P computer + manuals+spare memory modules in box;
box HP bits
9800 series?; Tape Cassette drive;
ZZZAGBrctd: Olivetti Programma 101 calculator (1980-50);
3 x Dolphin printers;
KSR Teletype (blue); Digiplot plotter;
HP-150 (ex-Fekete) + Think-Jet printer;

DEC LA30 Hardcopy Terminal;
2 x KDF9 Paper Tape mechanisms; Data Tablets.
ZZZM22amostly H9642s: DD11 (ex-MPS)+LQP02; 11/23 (ex-ABC)+TTY43; RL02 +Diablo; TSV05 +LNM03;
11T03-L +RL01+RL02+11/34 P.S.; ??+HP plotter; loose mux panels+LQP03; Cipher MUC0+cables; 2x
RL02+exabyte+LQP03; 11/24+23
ZZZM22bcont, 48inch cabs:
CX-systems+11/23+Axis PC+2x 8inch disks; 11/45+11/23+11/10+11/05;
DD11+11/23+comperex+8″ drives+CSIRO-11; VDU+2x speakers+2 boxes;
Cipher+RX02+DE cabinet; DE3000+cipher+RL01+disk; 2x DECgraphics 11/40+DSD
ZZZM22ccont: boxes+printer; COMPEREX 11/73
(ex W’Mead); 2 x 11/03 trolleys; DM trolley+2x Tektronix video copiers.
ZZZM22dcont; 48in cabs centre: 11/24

(ex-Optus,incomplete), Mux Distn Panels; 11/44, Dual TU58, Mux Distn Panels;

top – 2 x crates of cables; VAX-11/730, RL02, R80 -complete?(old donation);
DEC +ZZZM24amostly H960s; HP1000 + 2x HP7906 +3x HP9123; HP1000-A600;

3x 11/70 (ex-MPS); TE16-AD; TS11 (ex-MPS); TE10W;
11/34 + 2x RL01; 2x Memory boxes; 11/45+VDU; 11/23+micro-11/23+RX02+RL02;
transformer; DH11s; 11/45;
DEC +ZZZM24bcont: +VT100 clone; 11/70; decdatasystem 11/45; 11/45+pertec
DECZZZM26amostly H9642s: 2x RA60-CD; RL02; 2x TU80-CB; 11X24-XY (11/44); 11/03-L+2x RL01; TS05;
CI750-BB; 11T23-BL+2x RL02; MV3600+RA82+TK70; dec 11/23+2x RL01; 2 x TU81; 2x BA11;
Kennedy 9300; D355-CZ (ex-Kyogle);
DECZZZM26bcont: dec 11/23+2x RL01; 11/23+(ex-STC) +RL02; TU80; MV3600+RA82; 2 x 11/44 (ex-Optus); mux distn
DECZZZM26ccont: (centre) 11/44 (ex-Optus); top 10x Vax-3100;
2 x RL02,Power supply covers,Dual TU58 (ex-Optus); top 7x
Vax-3100; 11/24, RL02, Dual TU58; top MIM-1 system, 3 x IBM PC; TU80, RL02
(ex-Optus); top 3 x crates cables,
PhilipsZZZM26dcont: TK50 drive, Philips X3321 display; Philips GP523 Gamma Processor s# 3402 (ex-Bankstown Hosp); top:
Philips Graphics display; side 3 x LA210, floppies.