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Support the ACMS

One off and ongoing donations

What does my monetary donation achieve?
By making a one off or small monthly donation, you assist the charity in achieving its goal to collate, maintain and restore important Australian technology and stories. We also store and collate other pieces of important and critical technologies that formed the modern era of technology we currently live. >95% of every dollar donated goes into expanding and operating the museum.

You can support the ACMS by making a monetary donation and/or by becoming a member or volunteer.

Your contribution assists with educational workshops and grants to individuals who are trying to further this process with annual events such as the “Graeme Philipson Award” which acknowledges and support individuals carrying out the important historical documentation of IT in Australia, and, our RetroChallenge tournaments supported by RetroChallenge.org to grant hobbyists and other members of the Australian community some financial aid to further advance their unique and interesting projects that may eventually put Australian ingenuity in the spotlight.


What does my donation of time achieve through volunteering?

Volunteering is great fun and a way to get first hand experience with historical computing gear and to meet and talk to interesting and knowledgeable people. There are opportunities to volunteer on site and remotely. The easiest way to become involved is by becoming a member and joining the ACMS slack channel (provided to members) or dropping us a line on the forum, Facebook, email or with a call.

For on-site volunteering join us in Croydon for our Saturday restoration workshops,  cataloging sessions. Also look out for various working-bee events run throughout the year.

Your donation of time allows us to further our catalogue effort to help rationalise the collection, prioritise restorations, learn about our collection from past members (before it is too late) and identify educational opportunities and grants to further our efforts.

Current Opportunities


Our cataloguing workflow consists of two teams working in tandem performing equally important tasks. The on-site team cleans, tests, photographs, tags and stores items. Images are then uploaded to our cataloguing system and that’s where our remote team steps in. Our remote team assesses each item and enters important information about that item into the catalogue utilising information available from the images, online research and their personal knowledge of computers, to create a catalogue entry ready to be published to the web, for viewing by the general public. Remote volunteering is great fun and you get to see some outstanding items in our collection. If you would like to try out remote cataloguing please email: cataloguing@acms.org.au

Remote Cataloguing

We are seeking remote volunteers (you can support us from anywhere at anytime). Assist with our cataloguing effort by looking closely at items in our collection that have been catalogued and photographed by local volunteers, identify them and assign data points ready for their inclusion into our public catalogue, accessible by all.

Local Cataloguing

We are seeking local volunteers (Wednesdays/Saturdays) to assist with our cataloguing effort by cleaning, testing (where safe), photographing, tagging and storing items. Images are uploaded to our cataloguing system and that’s where our remote cataloguing team steps in


Our vast collection needs experienced individuals at all levels of technology, engineering, electronics specialists etc to assist. You may only be able to assist with imaging drives, installing software or cleaning up devices for the cataloging team and museum, or you may be a full blown electronics whizz who has general or specific knowledge to assist. If you wish to volunteer, please reach out via our forum for restoration resources here.

Museum Operations 

We are seeking volunteers to work in the museum and assist and guide members, guests and volunteers during events, workshops and other open days. We also persistently need assistance and help with general maintenance, cleaning, painting and setup of the exhibits. 

Major Corporate Sponsors (>$1000/pa)


MacMedic is Austalia’s premier Apple Authorised Service Provider.

A locally owned business with over 40,000 clients.

MacMedic has supplied the ACMS with financial and operational support


Exetel is an award winning Australian Internet Service Provider

A locally family owned business with over 250,000 clients.

Exetel graciously supplies the ACMS with NBN Service.

Red Energy

Red Energy is an Australian Power retailer. 

Powered by Snowy Hydro, the team at Red Energy power the ACMS through a community grant.

Join Red here and the ACMS additionally benefits with a voucher to support our volunteer refreshments.


Corporate Sponsors (>$500/pa)


Nebulex supplies the ACMS with our website hosting service.

The Sizzle

The sizzle is a daily tech newsletter. The Sizzle provides us with our forum hosting.


32 Hundred

BillCue is an all Australia accounting system online for small business.
BillCue supplies the ACMS with Accounting software.


Whirl is an ewaste business. 

The team at Whirl repurpose items and give them new life where possible.


Royal Australian Historical Society

The RAHS awarded the ACMS a $3000 Cultural Grant for the Max Burnet tape digitisation project.

This project is supported by Create NSW’s Cultural Grant Program, a devolved funding program administered by The Royal Australian Historical Society on behalf of the NSW Government.

General Sponsors 2024 (>$100)

Murray Irwin

Jennie Seberry

Christopher Keene

Alex Rosser

Adrian Franulovich

Sebastian Boell

George Murdocca

John Webster

Marcus Kirkwood

Portland Steamworks

Cassandra Markinova

Serge Burjak

Adrian Magni

Adrian di Marco

Merry Cooper

Craig Bradley

With special thanks to past donors These donors contributions are notable since August 2020

Riley Tipton Perry

Ian Reid

Gary Jackson

David Hayman

Cynde Moya

32 Hundred Lighting

Ann Moffat

Ashley Goldsworthy

Opal Packaging

John Geremin

John Webster

Sydney Eisteddfod

Adrian DiMarco

Anne Jones

Bob Moran

Richard Neville

Christopher Keene

Red Energy

Did we miss you? Let us know!

IBM Australia

Ivan Repin

Toshiba Australia

The 2022/2023 Board would like to specially thank (in no specific order);

PLC Sydney & Teresa – for their kind donation of ACMS Green lockers. (PLC.edu.au)

Thomas and Ivan who are assisting with professional electrical work and restorations.

Sebastian Boell and Phillip Quinn – for their continued valiant efforts in the monolithic cataloguing process.

Piroozi Desai OAM – For her advice and assistance to the president in the charitable workings

Sean McNamara and Joe Lemura – For their efforts in operational support both physically and technologically.

Murray Irwin – For  pretty much everything else needed and as a major supporter of the president’s vision.

Bob Moran and The Discovery Shed (Mona Vale) – For his support of the organisation and wonderful donations.

Adrian Magni – For his ongoing help and assistance with the museum physically and with our design assets.

We note that this list is in no way conclusive. The ACMS team thanks all volunteers for their contributions, monetarily and through volunteering their time and equipment, past, future, and present. Due to the death and departure of several key individuals in recent years, we are using digital archeology to build these thank you lists, so please reach out if you feel your contribution has been mislaid as we do care to know all of the stories and help provided in the past to at minimum acknowledge your efforts in our historical documents.