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Aussie Inventors

Surname Given Names Career
Aitchison R F 1950?, Magnetic Switches, Binary Gating Vacuum Tube Counting and Switching Devices at CSIRO.
Algie John CSIR Mark 1 Project, Maintenace Engineer. 195? SILLIAC Engineer.
Allen Murray, Prof SNOCOM, SMHA. 1955 Automatic Digital Analyser (ADA). University of Adelaide CIRRUS Computer, 1959. Professor of Computing Science at UNSW, 1966-?.
Arbib Michael IBM 650 Software Developer.
Archer Keith Commonwealth Statistician. 1960s first CBCS Computer.
Archibald Roy
Assange Julian Paul Founder of WikiLeaks.
Assenza Judith
Auerbach Isaac 1957 IFIP.
Bachman Charlie COBOL, Codasyl development.
Bailey Victor Albert, Prof 1936, Mechanical Double Integraph, Sydney University. Professor at Sydney University, 1924 - 1960.
Basset I Interpretive Programming, CSIRAC, UTECOM.
Beard Maston Late 1940s-early 1950s, CSIR Mk-1 [CSIRAC] hardware design, inc 12 channel paper tape reader. Later, radioastronomy instrumentation.
Bell C. Gordon Worked on UTECOM, then designed many DEC PDP-11 systems in the USA.
Bennett John M. E/Prof, AO EDSAC Memory system in UK. Head of Ferranti Programming Unit in UK. 1961, Professor of Physics (Electronic Computing), Sydney University; SILLIAC, (later, changed to be Professor of Computer Science).
Blatt John, Prof First program to run completely on SILLIAC. UNSW, foundation Professor of Applied Mathematics (1959-1984). Textbook Basic FORTRAN IV Programming.
Blunden W. Ross, Prof 1945-6 Scale of Ten Ring Counters. 1951, The CSIR Differential Analyser. 1952, Digital Analog Conversion. Ref: First Aust. Computer Conf.
Boles Ronald CSIR Mk-1, CSIRAC Maintenance Engineer, Sydney and Melbourne Universities.
Bowden A T 1936, Graphical Aids to Engineering Calculations.
Butcher Ian R ROM and register store development, CIRRUS. Adelaide University.
Chapple M A SMHA, SNOCOM simulation on SILLIAC
Chartres Bruce A9 interpreter
Cherry T M (Sir Tom), Prof Melbourne University responsible for CSIRAC.
Claringbold Peter SILLIAC veterinary programmer. Chief of CSIRO Div Computing Research.
Clothier W K 1939, devised an 'electron switch' as a student.
Cole D J WWII '104 Converter' for Army artillary.
Daniels Graham CSIRO Wi-Fi team member
Deane John F. CSIRO Wi-Fi team member
Drewer P 1980s Arithmetically Oriented Processor for Jindalee.
Elliott Tom 1960s, Engineer, NSW DMT 'SCATS' system, based on DEC PDP-8 [12-bit] computers.
Forte W G Analogue device for solving complex-variable polynomial equations up to the fourth degree, at Adelaide University.
Gee Anthony (Tony) B.E. Late 1950s, designed Gladeville Bridge for DMR in NSW, using a British Ferranti Pegasus computer.
Geremin John, ASTC IHTR, UNSW 1963-1969, Traffic Analyser design udates. Civil Eng, UNSW 1969-1976, IBM-360/50 shift manager. RPA Hosp, 1978-1984, Senior Programmer/Acting Mgr. BHSA, Macq Bank, 1985-1988, Senior Associate. Megatronics, 198?-1999. PDP-11 Consultant/Engineer.
Gibson W H H Plotting devices for WWII radar fire control systems. Sydney University.
Green G R Linked commercial calculators for solving airframe design problems, CSIR, Melbourne.
Hamblin Charles L, Prof 1957 paper 'Addressless Coding'. GEORGE programming language. UNSW.
Haskard M R, Prof 1957, high speed circuits for CIRRUS at Adelaide University. Later at Uni.SA. DATUM Computer. see Dr John SULLIVAN.
Herbison-Evans Don, Ph.D. Software development for Ballet Movements. (NUDES)
Hill Geoffrey W CSIR Mk1, 1960 'Interprogram' interpreter CSIRAC and UTECOM.
Hill Owen MicroBee developer, Sydney.
Hinckfuss I C WRE, ATROPOS (1960 ANACCAC), Digital Impact Predictor.
Hirst Frank, Dr Mgr CSIRAC Laboratory, Melbourne University.
Hollway D L CSIR Mk1, digital decimal display.
Johnston Jon HP Sales, HP Museum Founder/Curator
Jones / ex-Henderson Anne (nee Black) Binary Programmer, Ferranti UK, 1959.
Julius George, Sir 1913, First Automatic Totalisator.
Keith Ron J. B.E. ATROPOS (1960 ANACCAC), WRE S.A.
Macaulay I C ATROPOS (1960 ANACCAC)
Madsen John, Sir PNR Russell Chair of Electrical Engineering, Sydney University. National Standards Laboratory 1938 Chairman. CSIRO. NATA.
Messel Harry, Prof Physics Professor, Sydney University, 1953. Croc Tracking.
Miller Richard University of Wollongong; 5 ports of UNIX to 4 different computer systems.
Myers David M, Prof Double Intergraph, 1930s, Sydney University. Multi-integrator Differential Analyser, 1951. Professor at Sydney University.
Nightingale Derek Program to design a telephone exchange.
Northcote R (Bob) S, Prof 1973, Manager, ICL Software Development Centre in SA.
Oates Margaret IBM 650 programmer.
Ogilvie Judy SILLIAC program librarian, operator.
Ostry Diet CSIRO Wi-Fi team member
O'Sullivan John D, Ph.D CSIRO Wi-Fi Team: Dr John O'Sullivan, Dr Terry Percival, Mr Diet Ostry, Mr John Deane, Mr Graham Daniels.
Ovenstone Dr John A, Prof WRE missile flight data capture system, and a corresponding data processing system. WREDAC - a modified Elliott 401. Foundation Professor of Computing Science at Adelaide Uiversity in 1964.
Overhue Don L, Dr WRE, WREDAC system.
Park T M (Larry) Senior Programmer, UTECOM, University of NSW.
Pearcey Trevor Late 1940s-early 1950s, CSIR Mk-1 [CSIRAC] logic/software designer. 1960s CSIRONET.
Penny John CSIRO, multiprogrammed operating system.
Percival Terry CSIRO Wi-Fi team member
Rickard Doug many, Maralinga, Jindalee Project, UNIX Networking.
Robinson Trevor Designer of the 'Beast', Defence Dept., research in communications technology.
Rose Gordon, Prof 1963, ROM implementation. 1969, Inaugral Professor of Computing Science, University of Queensland.
Rutledge R W R
Ryan Reginald D Designer CSIR Mk-1 [CSIRAC] Memory system.
Sanderson J G Interpetive programming for CSIRAC and UTECOM. ROM compiler functions.
Seberry Jennifer, E/Prof Professor at University of Wollongong. Academic research on Computer Security, etc.
Simmons Michelle, Prof 2015 Eureka Prize.
Smart R, Dr Team leader UTECOM.
Somerville J M 1930s, Graphical Devices.
Speedy C B, Prof Device for gating operation in a single tube. 1952, magnetic switches and vacuum tube counting devices.
Swire Brian SILLIAC construction at Sydney University.
Taylor Peter Senior technician, PMG. 1959.
Thompson A M CSIR, National Standards Laboratory, WWII. With Cole….
Thornton Barry S, Dr Team leader UTECOM.
Webster John R. UTECOM programmer, UNSW. Systems Programmer IBM-360/50, UNSW. Systems Programmer, Dept of Veterans Affairs.
Wong David SNOCOM design with M.W.Allan, Electrical Engineering, Sydney University.
Yan Stan UNSW, IHTR, Traffic Analyser Design with R J Keith.