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About Us

The Australian Computer Museum Society was established in 1994.

We are a charity formed with a members society. We store, restore and exhibit not only computers, but documentation, software, artwork, history, peripherals and much more. We explore the people and organisations behind them with a focus on how they relate to Australia and/or the advancement of technology in general.

Our major initiatives are to;

• Record the histories of people and organisations that pioneered, used and developed technologies

• Restore items in the collection

• Carry out charitable efforts including education and support mental health and wellbeing

• Display and educate about the history and art of information technology, and how it effects many aspects of our daily lives.

• Catalogue our collection for interactive and collaborative reasons.


Join myself and incredibly dynamic group of individuals from all walks of life at the ACMS who are passionate about vintage technology, systems, communications, data, history and people. 

I hope to see you soon.

Adrian Franulovich

President ACMS


Our Executive Team

Adrian Franulovich


The only thing BASIC about Adrian is his programming skills. Starting in IT and Management consulting at 14, Adrian is now one of the largest vintage Apple collectors globally and operates the most awarded Apple Service Provider chain in Australia.

Craig Baty


Craig started out in 1979 on IBM Mainframes. He was Chair of the Australian Computer Society in NSW (2020- 2022), and currently a Fellow of The Australian Institute of Management, and member of the AICD. He continues to run an ICT Research and Advisory firm focusing on understanding and communicating ICT trends, drivers, challenges, and issues to the broader industry, locally and globally.

Murray Irwin

Task Manager & Logs

Murray Irwin spent over thirty years as a technician with Telstra, repairing many types of telephones. During his time at Telstra Murray developed an interest in old computers and after leaving Telstra he became a member of the ACMS and has continued to pursue this interest.

Madeleine McAndrews

Math Co-Processor

In primary school, Madeleine wrote a version of Space Invaders for the Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P, first in Microsoft Basic, then in 6502 Assembly Language.
Today, she maintains a collection of between one and two hundred Apple machines, her favourites including Apple ///s, Lisas, most Macintosh models between 1984 and 1999, and a few NeXT machines.

The Committee

Sebastian Boell

Sebastian Boell

Head of Cataloguing

Sebastian Boell is interested in how ICT was used, how use changed over time and how this transformed organizations, users and the future trajectory of ICT. Sebastian is part of the Business and Labor History Group at the University of Sydney and has a PhD in Information Systems.

Adrian Magni

Artist in Residence

Adrian started out in computers with an 8-bit Amstrad CPC and BASIC. He has always held keen interest in computers, consoles, programming and electronics.
He currently works part-time designing interactive TV systems for the hotel industry, and volunteers at the ACMS in his free time.

Greg McGarry

Workshop Co-ordinator

Greg’s professional occupation is as a DSP Engineer and he contributes to ISO and IEEE international and domestic groups. Professionally, greg has encountered many computer systems, most of which are now considered historic and accessible within the ACMS.

Our Patrons

The featured individuals are recognised for their major contributions to the organisation financially or in a means recognised by the organisation.

David Hayman

David began his career as a computer technician and engineer in the 1970’s, before starting his own company in 1985.

John Webster

John Webster has more than 50 years IT experience, beginning with valve computer UTECOM at UNSW in 1960, continuing with IBM mainframes at UNSW, State and Commonwealth departments.

Anne Jones

First programming in binary, Anne Jones’ inovlvement in computers dates back to the 1950’s. An industry pioneer in every way, we are glad to count Anne among our number.

Ann Moffatt

Ann Moffat was born in England in 1939. She showed a remarkable aptitude for maths and became one of the UK’s first female computer programmers.
In 1973 she moved to Australia and became a leading figure in the Australian IT industry.

Owen Hill

Founder and Managing Director of Microbee Systems

Founding Fathers

Members past and present who were crucial in the formation, funding, and longevity of the ACMS.

John Deane

Past President

John Deane graduated from Macquarie University in 1972. As a member of CSIRO he coinvented the world-changing Wi-fi technology. Today, there are more Wi-fi devices than people on the planet.

Graeme Philipson

Past President

Graeme was the founding president of the ACMS and Australia’s most prolific Computer Historian. The ACMS is determined to continue his legacy and establish a library of computing history in his name.

Max Burnet

Past President

Max was a force in Australia computing having been the country manager for Digital Equipment Corporation Australia (DEC) and the longest serving employee. He became de-facto curator of the DEC Museum which went on to be sold to his private BACK Museum (Burnet Antique Computer Knowhow) with a significant number of items donated to the ACMS.

John Geremin

Former Treasurer

John was instrumental in founding the ACMS in 1994 and served in many executive positions. He is regarded as something of a father figure. He has a passionate interest in and a profound knowledge of historical computing equipment, particularly from Digital Equipment Corporation. For many years his car number plate was PDP-11.