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2014 Collection Additions

January, 25th, Double Bay

2 x Cartons from J. Graham - 17 x early Macintosh software packs; 2 x mouse mats; 2 x VHS cassettes.

Double bay pickup - 100 used Macintosh 3.5inch floppies - not yet itemised.


Sample some items from our museum-ready collection

The society now has a large collection of museum-ready items. This page is a guide to just some of those examples. When the museum site(s) become operational, all possible display items will be exhibited.

List by Manufacturer

0-9 3-com, 3M
A AED, Alpha Micro, AM Jaquard, Amstrad, Apple, Automatic Totalisators Limited, AWA
B Bailey Controls, BBC, Beehive, Blackwell's Metallurgical Works (UK), Burroughs, BWD
C Calcomp, Canon,
cartridge tapes,
Control Data Corporation,
Centronics, Cipher, C.Itoh, Commodore Business Machines, Compaq, Comperex, Compucorp, Corning,
CPU chips
D Daewoo, Data General, Dataram (memory), Dick Smith, Dicker Data, Digital Electronics (Australia),
Digital Equipment Corporation,
Dilog, DSD, Dulmont Magnum, Dura, Durango
E EAI (Analog), Electronics Australia (EDUC-8), Emulex, English Electric, Epson, Exabyte, Exidy Sorcerer
F Faber-Castell, Facit,
fixed disks,
Friden, Fujitsu, Fuller
G General Robotics, Geostar
H Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Honeywell, Houston
I IBM, ICL (UK), ICT (International Computers and Tabulators UK), Inforex, Infoscribe, Intel, Interdata, ISC Intercolor
K Kaypro, Kennedy
L Labtam, Lanier, Liberty
M Magnetic Peripherals, Marchant,
memory chips,
MicroBee, Memorex
N National Semiconductor, NEC, NCR, Nixdorf
O Olivetti, ONYX, Osborne
P Panasonic, Paton, Perkin Elmer, Pertec, Philips, Plessey, Power Samas, Prime
Q Qantum, Qume
R Radio Shack (Tandy), Remington,
removable disks,
reel tapes,
S Sabre, Scitec, Sendata, Sharp, Siemens, Sinclair, Singer, Sirius, Sony, Staedler (Germany), SUN-Hemmi, SUN Systems, Sybron Taylor
T Tallgrass, Tandy,
tape drives,
Teledyne, Teletype, Telex, Texas Instruments, Thorn EMI, TIME, Toshiba
U Ultimate, Unisys, Univac
V VEB Robotron Electronik, Vector Graphics, Victor
W Webster Computer Corp (Australia), Wang, Wyse
X Xerox

Clipsal - Australian heavy-duty power connectors