An oldish Hardware List from 1999

Manuf: Locn- 1999 old- Ident old-DESCRIPTION
K-N0 R001 RACK, 5ft ex-POW, no wheels, 3 x empty LSI-11 chassis,

Fujitsu Disk M2322 with power supply,
Webster SZV11 cab kit.
DEC K-N0 R001-T 5 x blue single width DECdatasystem cover panels on top.
DEC K-N0 R001-N 8 x H9642 fill and cover panels on N-side.
DEC K-O0 R002 VAX 11/750-FB "671" ex-Aussat Belrose.
K-N0 B001 Carton of ex-Optus Modules,

M7061+M7062+M7064 VSV11, 2 x M7858 4 CH SLU with RTC,

2 x Emulex UC08 dual SCSI S-box,

2 x M8295 VT30H, M8188 FPF-11, 2 x M105 ADD SEL, 2 x M7821 INT CONT, 2 x M7823 TIMER,

Computer Plus CTBC module.
Plessey + K-N0 B002 Flat carton ex-UNSW,
Plessey 701840 module + diags + doco,

PM-DC11A Disc Controller. Feb-80, digital CMOS-8 assy.
K-O0 B003 Carton 'ex-ABC',
2 x M7258, 2 x M873-YA, M7810, M792-YB,

Dilog DU202, M7860, ACT 10039 ?DR11, M7547 TK50, 2 x
M9312, M7681, ACT 10015, 2 x M7800, DSD 808830, MDB-11U,

HP D1640-66516,64940-66501, M7264, M7955, M9400-YC, +
K-O0 B003a CSS 2K-HOMAA-00 set, M8217, M7950, M7951,

HP 94308F, ACT 10015, DSD 808830, Matrox QVAF-512,

M8186, 3 x M8044-DB, M8044-DC, M8044-DF, M9400-YB, 3 x M7944, M7949, M8043, M7258,

HP 7908 doco, cartridges etc, DD11 ? backplane.
HP K-O0 R003 HP 7970E 0.5inch; Tape Drive, ex-Eveready, (MEGA Auction purchase, Rosebery)
? K-O0 R003-N 3 x side panels on N-side, ?Singer?
DEC K-O0 R004 VAX 11/750-AB s/n BT00817 ex-?AWA-Gaming?, with MassBus etc.
Olivetti k-O0 R004-T on top - Olivetti P 6060 desktop system, see doco elsewhere.
DEC K-O0 R005 VAX 11/750-AA 'UTSVAX' purchased by JAG, see also doco, media etc
DEC + K-O0 R004-T on top - VT220+VT240 doco, Visentech VS-320 doco, 2x Micronetics MSM doco,

Prime brochures, copy SDS SMM-300 manual, IBM ES/9000 brochure etc,
K-O0 B004 Flat Carton - ABLE 102008, M8203, M7455/TSU05, 2x M7819, 3xM9047, H325
HP K-O3 P005 HP 5451B-275 Fourier Analysis System (ex-Nigel Harris);



HP-13215A DISC POWER SUPPLY, Box Cables, HP-2100S ++



HP7900A DISK DRIVE, 20+ Manuals.
K-P0 R006 H960 - PDP11/34, RL01, CIPHER F880 Magtape,

PRIAM disk 150MB, LA210, 2x LN03 Lasers, Ex-Commerce Dept. Sydney Uni.
K-P0 R006 Filter 12-13097-00, feet, filler panels, ?11/34 backplane, DD11R,

2x Plessey PM-TC11 backplanes (4 slot)
K-P0 R007 Ex-PCI Peripherals, decdatasystem, 4ft cab with RK05J, PDP11/10 (needs work);

on top - incomplete CDC 9448 disk drive
DEC K-P0 R008 SA482 ex-UNSW, missing 4x RA82 HDAs
Olivetti K-P0 R008 on top - Olivetti BCS 2030 documentation (2 boxes) ?
DEC K-P0 R009 H9642, 3x RA81 (suit spares) ex-UNSW
DEC K-P0 R009 Large Carton DEC documentation, TSX Plus, DECwrite Manual (more details ?)
DEC + K-Q0 R010 SA481 - S.I. 476 Mb (?Eagle) disk on top
K-Q0 R011 H9642, 3x RA81, (TOP) M2298 disk (160Mb), HP-2640 kb, 4x Rack slides
K-Q0 R012 H9642 - RL02, RA80; HP feeder/cutter for plotter
DEC + K-Q0 B006 13x Faulty LK201 KBs, 8 Large modules from TU80 tape drive,
2 x INTEL 556 module, (ex OPTUS Belrose)
DEC + K-Q0 R013 11X84/PD - no CPU, some Unibus modules,
2 x Wyse WY85 Kb, Freedom 220 Kb,

EMULEX CP22 distribution panel,
Clean Line power conditioner 1000BA, Bag of cables
DEC + K-Q0 R013-T on top - BA23 chassis, Microvax II - no drives,

Fujitsu M2322K disk, teletype 33 - (needs attention)
DEC K-Q0 R014 H9642 2x RA81 - spares only, ex-UNSW/ex-ASX
K-Q0 R014-T on top - Carton with Calculator, assorted parts ex Prof Bromley - more details later,

BA11 expansion box missing parts !! (was VT07-DS)
DEC + K-Q0 R015 Ex-CSIRO PDP11/23? - RL02, RX02;
top RL02, carton papertape, carton cables, PCI de-gausser (bent)
? K-R0 R016 U89642 - COMPEREX/FUJITSU disk drive, 3x PC238-AB, vdu, 8inch; floppy, 2x alarm boxes (empty),

NEC APC-H26C hard disk, 2x micropolis 5 1/4inch floppy drives ex-Uni Wollongong,
carton computer printout sliding hangers.
Wordplex K-R0 R016-T (TOP) wordplex VDU 80-1, box of assorted parts, small printer, 5 keys
DEC K-R0 R017 TU80-CD tape drive ex Aussat, with
laser printer (series 1), faulty fuser ex-Warnecke LN03.
DEC K-R0 R017-T (TOP) LA120, LA120 parts ex Aussat
K-R0 R018 TU80-CD tape drive, faulty LA120 (top), HP9816 VDU
DEC K-R0 R019 TU80-CD "672" ex-Aussat, LA120 (top)
Data General K-W4 R020 Data General Eclipse System, 2 disks, 1 tape drive
Data General K-W4 R021 Data General Eclipse MV/4000 cpu, [document binders x3 moved to doco shelves]
Data General K-W3 R022 Data General Nova/4, CPU, 2x disks, 1x tape drive (ex inCITEC, Newcastle)
Data General K-W3 R023 Data General - SCSI Raid Array Cabinet (ex-DG, N.Ryde Mar-00).

Inc 15x 1GB 5.25inch disks. * rear shelves empty.
DEC K-M0 R023 H9642 Jumbo, Microvax II, 2x RA81, TK70 (ex-INCITEC Newcastle)
Data General K-W3 S009 (TOP R021) Data General 'One' Laptop 256K. + S009A Power Pack.
K-H0 P001 Pallet [JAG] of Megatronics' Projectors - repacked under pallet racking.
HP K-V1 R024 HP-9867B MASS MEMORY - ie HP7900A Disk Drive 2.5+2.5 MB with Power Supply
and interconnect box.
(All in/on HP low-line office cabinet).
DEC K-V1 R025 DEC [MEGA] RM02-AD 80 MB (removable) Disk Drive - ex-Macq.Path (MEDPATH) RSTS System.
HP K-V2 R026 HP-7933 Disk Drive (removable)
Interdata K-Y3 R027 INTERDATA * 8/32? - rescued from Audodata, missing side, rear panels. (key inside)
DEC K-Z2 R028 HSC70-AB * [can't remember source, may be St.Leonards Lend Lease?].
Burroughs K-V2 S003 Burroughs B21-1T, 384K CPU and Display Unit * (keyboard, disks elsewhere).
HP K-V2 R029 HP 1000 System [MEGA] - HP1000-F plus Floating Point Unit * ex-Tafe, goes with Lab. System?.
Telex Corp K-V2 S004 TELEX 1220 [MEGA] * Network PC - 286, 3.5inch floppy (ex Telecom).
? K-U2 R030 COMPUTERVISION [MEGA] * actually Thorn 0.5inch Magtape Drive (pertec i/f).
[CDC SMD disks removed/sold]. Ex-Telecom.
Univac K-Y3 P002 UNIVAC 1701 VERIFYING CARD PUNCH * ex Malco Engineering, Sydenham.
HP K-X2 S010 HP2100 FOURIER ANALYSIS system *

(ex-CSIRO via Colin Coles, Jul-99) see item list on donation doco.
Singer + K-X3 S012 SINGER System Ten (Friden model 20 processor) * 2 x ICL model 82 VDUs on top.
Singer K-X3 S013 Disk Drive for SINGER System Ten. (1 of 2)
K-X3 S013 (TOP) DULMONT Electronic Systems Pty Ltd - Made in Australia - DM256 dual 5.25 disk drives, s# 02373; DM256
main unit s#01312, 2x disk cables (ex-UNSW Sociology Dept, Prof ) * very good KB.
NCR K-X4 S011 NCR 32, Accounting Machine, ex-Carol Brash, etc. side panels for desk are elsewhere.
Olivetti K-Y2 S Olivetti PERSONAL COMPUTER M21 - luggable, in carry bag, model XP850 s# 5311392,
neat unit with 3 manuals in acrylic boxes, (ex-UNSW Sociology Dept; ex-STA office?)
HP K-L7 S001 HP-59309A HPIB DIGITAL CLOCK - (ex AWA/Aussat) - this is not a wrist calculator.
DEC K-N8 S002 DEC [Mega] Micro-PDP-11/53 - model 153QA-B3 (ex Wool Tech. RY15442), needs modules replaced.
DEC K-Z1 S005 DEC [MEGA] VAXstation-3100/M38
[WS42A-CW s# AB03100104 digital asset# 032841], RX23-AA s# SH94807674, RZ26L
s# CX40381105, RZ23-E s# SH01621848, H7821-00 s# HK02719144.
DEC K-Z1 S006 DEC [MEGA] VR297-D4 s# SY12719388 (ex DEC car-park sale).
DEC K-Z1 S007 DEC [MEGA] Storage Expansion
SZ12B-XB s# AB14602075 Series BA42A Device RZ56, RZ56 s# SH04110872, RZ56 s#
SH14310385, H7821-00 s# ME14569925 (ex-DEC car-park sale).
DEC K-Z1 S008 DEC RZ55-F3 s# AB9520167U (ex-Software Technologies Mar-99).
DEC ++ K-Z4 CAGW3 , ex-DEC F.S. spares, un-boxed items, most in pink bubble-wrap ==>
see file
, Z4__CAGE_CONTENTS.list, on VS-3100.
Fujitsu + K-Z9 R031 H960 Cabinet (MEGA), Kennedy 9000 1/2 inch Magtape,
System Industries 160Mb Disk (Fujitsu)+Power Supply *
Ex-Peko services PDP-11/44. loose VT240 box, Rainbow 100 box.
DEC K-Z9 R031-T (TOP) VT131, 2 x VT100-AB, 3 x VT100-AA (some ex-Aussat, NOP)
Fujitsu + K-Z9 R032 H960 Cabinet (MEGA), 2 x Fujitsu 450Mb Disks, Fujitsu 160Mb Disk, loose 4 slot Q-bus,

AD01 A/D unit * Ex Peko services (PDP-11/44 recycled by JAG), loose TAB-125.
DEC K-Z9 R032-T (TOP) 6 x digital VT102 (mainly ex-Aussat, NOP/MEGA)
DEC K-Y9 R033 H960 Cabinet (MEGA) TE16 1/2inch Magtape, TM03, loose H3014 mux 24 x DB25 panel,
861 power box, cables, RD? expansion chassis?.
DEC K-Y9 R033-RHS loose grey H960 side panels
DEC K-Y9 R033-T (TOP) 2 x VT131, VT100-AB, VT100-NB, VT278-AJ (?DECmate), VT103
K-Y9 R034 H960 Cabinet (MEGA) RK05J, RK05, pdp11-? (missing front panel, ?modules),

loose DZ11 20mA distn panel, FACIT paper tape reader/? (ex-Alcatel)
DEC K-Y9 R033-T (TOP) VT100-AB, VT102, VT100-NB, VT125, VT131, VT100-AB
DEC K-X9 R035 H960 Cabinet (MEGA) PDP11/34, RK05J, RK05, (ex Alcatel),

loose M7904, loose VDU model DP-920U (Thorn-EMI)
DEC K-Y9 R034-T (TOP) VT100-AA, VT100-NB, 2 x VT132, VT100-AC, VT100-AB
DEC K-X9 R036 H960 Cabinet (MEGA) 2 x RK05, PDP11/04, PDP11/10 (thin),
loose 2 x thin 4 slot Q-bus chassis (ex Alcatel).
DEC K-X9 R035-T (TOP) 3 x VT100-AB, VT101, VT131, VT100-XX (CSIRO special)
DEC K-X9 R036-T (TOP) 2 x VT100-AB?, 2 x VT131, VT125-A5, VT100.
DEC K-X9 R036-RHS , loose black H960 rear door panels.
DEC + K-W9 R037 H960 Cabinet (MEGA) RK05, RK05J, PDP11/34, Unibus exp box,

loose HP2761A Optical Mark Reader (needs restoration, leaking oil), L0007-00, 70-16976 (replaces 54-14014, 29-81943
(Vitalink), +D-00869 (Osborne Turbomate IV CPU pcb)
DEC + K-W9 R037-T (TOP) 3 x VT100-AB, VT100-XX (CSIRO special?), VT100-AA, CIT-414.
DEC + K-W9 R037-T (TOP) VT100-AB, VT102, VT103-BA, VT125, CIT-414, VT100-AB.
DEC + K-W9 R038 H960 Cabinet (MEGA) 2 x RK05, RK05J, (ex Alcatel?)

loose General Robotics GRC 11/X3 (pdp11), FE-PHE09-KA (?7inch vdu guts)
DEC + K-W9 R038-T (TOP) VT100-AB, CIT-101 (clone of VT101), VT101, TELERAY 926 (VT clone), VT100-AB.
DEC K-W9 R039 H960 industrial-11 (ex-Brisbane St),
DL11 connection panel (non-DEC), ME11, Paper Tape punch/reader, PDP11 (M11-20
S-295 dated 8/11/70), unibus exp. box.
DEC K-W9 R039-T (TOP) 2 x VT100-AB, VT180, VT278-AJ,
Kennedy + K-V9 R040 H960 Cabinet Kennedy 2800 1/2inch magtape, paper tape punch/reader,

TU60 decassette, PDP11/10 (switchable console speed). (ex ?)
DEC K-V9 R040-T (TOP) VT100-AA, VT100-WB, VT103, VT278-AD,
DEC K-V9 R041 H960 Cabinet, RS11 disk, loose H960 legs, distn panel, front panel.
DEC K-V9 R041-T (TOP) 4 x VAXmates
DEC K-U9 R042 H960 olivetti SP600 (rebadged 11/35), 2 x VT220 clones, (ex John Murray?)
DEC K-U9 R042-T (TOP) 4 x VAXmates
DEC K-U9 R042-T (TOP) 4 x VAXmates
CDC K-Z9 S... Control Data Corp. 1760? Backplane+modules, ex-Sydney Uni.
WordPlex K-Z9 R043 Wordplex WP Systems (2), Monitors, Printers, Disk drives,

ex-Marrickville Council via John ??, Springwood.
Philips + K-Z8 P003 small pallet, 10 x Philips ATM system units, 3 x HP85 portables (MEGA), IBM portable
(ACMS ex-Tafe Padstow?), 6 cartons DC300/DC600 magtapes (MEGA), 5 x DECserver 100/200 shells.
DEC - K-U9 R044 H960 Olivetti SP600 (rebadged 11/35 - front panel removed), 2 x loose small system boxes.
DEC K-U9 R044-T (TOP) 4 x VAXmates
DEC K-U9 R045 H960 cabinet - almost empty
DEC K-U9 R045-T (TOP) 2 x VAXmates
DEC K-T9 R046 H960 cabinet, PDP11/35,
DEC K-T9 R046-T (TOP) 3 x VAXmates
DEC K-T9 R046-T (TOP) 2 x VAXmates
DEC + K-T9 R047 H960 cabinet, 3rd party controller
box, 2 x Liberty VDUs, HP150?, 4 x H.... 48v? power supplies (suit BA23)
DEC K-T9 R047-T (TOP) 2 x VAXmates
Pertec + K-T9 R048 H960 cabinet, PERTEC 1/2inch magtape drive ?800 bpi.
Liberty K-T9 R048-T (TOP) 4 x Liberty 220 equiv VDUs.
DEC K-S9 R049 H960 cabinet, industrial-11 (ex-ABC PDP11/40)
Liberty K-S9 R049-T (TOP) 4 x Liberty 220 equiv VDUs.
DEC K-S9 R050 H960 cabinet, PDP-11 (missing front panel)
Liberty K-S9 R049-T (TOP) 4 x Liberty 220 equiv VDUs.
Liberty K-S9 R050-T (TOP) 4 x Liberty 220 equiv VDUs.
DEC K-S9 R051 H960 cabinet, PDP11/45
Tatung K-S9 R051-T (TOP) 4 x Tatung VDUs.
DEC K-R9 R052 H960 cabinet, PDP-11 missing front panel,
Tatung K-R9 R051-T (TOP) 3 x Tatung VDUs.
ITT ? K-R9 R052-T (TOP) 4 x ITT Monitors? (ex-Telecom).
K-R9 R053 H960 Pace Industries Inc. Pack Tester. RX02, PDP-11/04.
ITT ? K-R9 R053-T (TOP) 2 x ITT Monitors? (ex-Telecom).
DEC K-O7 R054 H960 cabinet - empty - being used by Max for wooden shelves and posters ?.
Burroughs K-Y5 P004 Pallet of BURROUGHS Printers + VDUs (in Fujitsu cartons, ex-Neil Short, Aug-99.)
DEC K-Z9 R055 Dec 60inch Cab, (MEGA) TS11, RA60, RA81 (ex-MEDPATH)
HP K-Z9 R055-T (TOP) HP2628A, HP2624B/P, HP125 (cp/m system), HP2624B.
DEC K-Z9 R056 Dec 60inch w-Cab, (MEGA) TX78U (TU78)
HP K-Z9 R056-T (TOP) 2 x HP2622A/P, HP125 (cp/m system), HP2623A/P.
DEC K-Y9 R057 Dec 60inch w-Cab, (MEGA) TE16 Magatape,
HP K-Y9 R057-T (TOP) HP2621B, HP2624B/P, HP2621P, HP2621A.
DEC K-Y9 R058 Dec 60inch w-Cab, (MEGA) PDP11/44 (ex-MPS)
HP K-Y9 R057-T (TOP) HP2621B, HP2624B, HP2621A, HP2624A.
DEC K-X9 R059 Dec 60inch w-Cab (bent), (MEGA) TE16, (ex MPS), loose power distribution box,
HP K-X9 R058-T (TOP) HP2624A, HP2621B, HP2624A, HP2621B.
HP K-X9 R059-T (TOP) HP2622A, HP2624A, HP2629E, HP2623A.
DEC K-X9 R060 Dec 60inch Cab, Thermal Alarm
unit, 2 x mux distribution panels, RA distribution panel,
HP K-X9 R059-T (TOP) HP2629E,
HP K-X9 R060-T (TOP) HP2624A,
DEC K-Z3 R061 Dec 42inch Cab, 2 x RA82 Disk Drives, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Z3 R061-T (TOP) 2 x dec LA12 dot-matrix printers * consoles for HSC50s, [MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Z3 R062 Dec 60inch Cab, TA78 Magtape Drive, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Z3 R063 Dec 60inch Cab, SA800 Storage Array, ie 4 x RA92 disk drives, [MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Z3 R064 Dec 60inch Cab, SA600 Storage Array, ie 8 x RA90 disk drives, [MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Z4 R065 Dec 42inch Cab, HSC50, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Z4 R065-T (TOP) dec Communications Server, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Z4 R066 Dec 42inch Cab, HSC50, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Z4 R066-T (TOP) dec Communications Server, [purchased by MEGA, ex-RTA.]
DEC K-Y3 R067 Dec 27inch Cab, DECmate + dual RX01 drives * ie DECmate I (in VT100 case).
DEC K-Y3 S014 Digital PRO-350 system on office pedestal * ex-Kevin H. [need to find processor??]
Unisys K-Y4 R068 UNISYS 34inch Peripherals Cab, with Power Dist. [purchased by MEGA.]
K-Y4 S015 desktop CP/M system, 2 x 8inch floppies, ex-Macq. Uni. via Ray Robinson.
computerised version of Macquarie Dictionary.
K-H2 P999a Pallet of 'small,stackable' System Units; Mostly ex TAFE (NSW)

DONATIONS via NOP SIG from MEGATREND (Artarmon) Aug-Sep-Oct-99.
K-H2 P999aa --> Now most items stored in UNIT M26 in adjacent building.
DEC K-H2 P999b ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01,, s# KA046D2441, (no Disk),
DEC K-H2 P999b ctd; VAXserver 3100., , DV-31ABB-A-A01,, S# KA02907871, RZ23E
DEC K-H2 P999c ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01, S# KA046D2458, 2x RZ23E, PROBLEMS,
DEC K-H2 P999d ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01,, S# KA240Z6099, (no Disk),
DEC K-H2 P999e ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01,, S# KA240Z4716, (no Disk),
DEC K-H2 P999f ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01,, S# KA223R3563, (no disks),
DEC K-H2 P999g ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01,, S# KA240Z4725, (no Disks),
DEC K-H2 P999h ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01, S# KA050D3690, (RZ24-E), DEAD P/S,
DEC K-H2 P999i ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01, S# KA225S2628, (no
Disks) "DO0INV" dusty, suspect Power Supply,
DEC K-H2 P999j ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01,
S# KA046D2457, 8M, 2x
RZ23, "E12343", boots v5.4-2,
DEC K-H2 P999k ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31DSA-A-A01, S# KA051D4017, 4M, RZ24,
needs attention, (TZ30 gone),
DEC K-H2 P999l ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31ASB-A-A01, S# KA029C7889, 4M, 2x RZ23, boots v6.1,
DEC K-H2 P999m ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31ASB-A-A01, S# KA029C7877, 8M, 2x
RZ23, boots v5.x,
DEC K-H2 P999n ctd; VAXserver 3100., DV-31ASB-A-A01, S# KA029C7892, 8M,
RZ23-E, RZ25-E, dusty, boots, "NOF100",
DEC K-H2 P999o ctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01, S# KA240Z5226, 8M, RZ25,
"SYG6MV", boots v5.4-2,
DEC K-H2 P999p ctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31ATB-A-A01, S# KA016C5498, Power Fault, RZ23-E removed, 8M removed, "VAX V311",
DEC K-H2 P999q ctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01, S# KA232U7918, RZ23-E, RZ25-E, dusty,
DEC K-H2 P999r ctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31DTA-A-A01, S# KA240Z4720, dusty, quiet box, "DH02MV",
DEC K-H2 P999s ctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31ATB-A-A01, S# WF94105204, RZ23,
RZ25L-E, dusty -- may be a VAX-station ?,
DEC K-H2 P999t ctd; DECstation3100., PM20A-CD, s# AB92601C8H, no disks,
DEC K-H2 P999u ctd; DECstation5000/25 PM30A-AA, s# AB21901RTN, no disks, no memory
DEC K-H2 P999v ctd; VAXstation3100. M38, WS42A-D, s# AB11702FS5, RZ24-E, JAG fix
!?, ex-RHODES Car-Park,
DEC K-H2 P999w ctd; VAXstation3100. VS42A-DA, s# AB03600TA3, no disks, ex-RHODES Car-Park.
DEC K-H2 P999x ctd; Micro-VAX 3100., DV-31ETA-A-A01 s# KA101D4639, MEGATRONICS MV-3100/20; ex-UTSEE Cluster
Boot Node; also HOMEBUSH Cluster; Faulty 12v on J1 socket; needs repair, MB
changed Oct-99.
ZZZ AGBa Ex-Syd.Uni Calculator Corner
Collection 09/98:
HP-9100B s/n 938-01000 (1983/115);
Friden 130 Electronic
Calculator s/n 5405A;
HP-9820A s/n 1144A00674;
IBM 5100 WT;
ADDO Paper Tape
CANON Canola SX-300 s/n 400365; +
ZZZ AGBb cont: SHARP Compet 364P-I s/n 31963107;
IBM 3179 s/n 3179-29657;

2x DATACRAFT DC-38 Digital Memory Stack;

DES Colour Display AMT-12RGB/V s/n 900236;
OLIVETTI Summa Quanta 20 Mechanical Calculator.
ZZZ AGBd Ex-Syd.Uni Calc.Collection 96/97:

Rockwell AM-65 2 cartons;
ADM II Terminal 1 carton;
SAGE II ex-Chris Burrows
large carton;
8 x small calcs "MPD II Microelectronic"
MORROW DESIGN "Micro Decision" in carry box;
ZZZ AGBe ctd: TRS-80 large carton;
VIC-20 in original packaging;

HP9800 manuals; HP9825B; HP9825A; HP85 &

TI 58/59 doco carton; CDC 1700 manuals 2 cartons;

APPLE Mac AUX docs; APPLE II/IIe (5) large carton;

COMMODORE Pet 2001 series;
ZZZ AGBf ctd: 2 x HP7220C Plotter; HP9872A Plotter;

TEKTRONIX 4662 PLotter; THOMPSON Monitor; VISUAL 102 Monitor;

2 x APPLE Monitors; ZENITH Monitor;

Carton CPM Basic manuals + IBM Software;

2 x cartons HP9830 Tapes (Fekete);
ZZZ AGBg ctd: 2 x cartons HP150 software;
3 x SUMLOCK Comptometers; Box Touchpads (ex-EDU);

carton TRS-80 bits; 2 cartons Apple II doco;
Calculator in black box 1480-44;

High Speed Paper Tape Punch ?KDF9;
2 x HP9830A; HP9820A;
ZZZ AGBh ctd: 8 Channel Tape Keyboard/Punch ?KDF9;
HP9100B; box CANON 1614P calculator
manuals & cards;
HP9825A; box HP9800 series stuff; 2 x HP9866A Printers;

7 x DATACRAFT DC-38 Memory Digital Stack modules; DEC PDP 11/10;
ZZZ AGBi ctd: IPL Monitor; IBM Monitor; DICK SMITH System 80;

CANON Canola SX-100; SORCERER; CANON Canola 1614P;

EZISCAN II Gulf Stream Micro Systems;

HP9865A Cassette Memory; 'Black Box' modem;
COUTEX 10 Calculator; COUTEX 55 Calc;
ZZZ AGBj ctd: 2 x APPLE Floppy Drives;
BAUSCH & LOMB HiPad Digitizer;

Datel PDP-11 i/f assembly;
NCR Printing terminal;
printer unit P1;
SHARP Markcard reader;
Challenger (ex-Barry de-Ferranti);
ZZZ AGBk ctd: HP9885M Flexible Disk Drive;

CANON Canola 1614P; 2 x TI-99/4 Expansion System;
IBM misc floppy disk
HP2240A Measurement & Control processor;

BBC Acorn; TRS-80 Digitiser; Dick Smith System 80; box IEEE Spectrum;
ZZZ AGBm ctd: 4 boxes Software (ex-EDU); 2 x IBM Personal Computer Graphics Printers;

Commodore CBM Model 8032 Computer; box Commodore software (ex-Arthur Scott);

IBM 729-II Magnetic Tape Unit Drawings (ex-Combe);
HP9862A plotter;
ZZZ AGBn ctd: box IBM 360/370 Manuals (ex-Combe);

2 x DIEHL Combitron S Calculators (Delay Line Memory);

CANON Canola SX-320 calculator;
TI Silent 700 Portable Data Terminal;

Casio 101 Desk Calculator; CANON Canola SX-100;
ZZZ AGBp ctd: 3 x HP-85 Computer; HP9866A Printer; HP9830A Calculator; HP9871A Printer;

Digital GiGi Computer; Teletype 43;
TOSHIBA Toscal calculator;
HP-87 Computer;

Porta-Pak (OZ) Computer;
Burroughs Terminal (Plasma Display);
ZZZ AGBq ctd: CANON Canola 161 large desk calculator;
FACIT electronic calculator;

BURROUGHS C7200 series calculator;

CASIO FX-9000P computer + manuals+spare memory modules in box;
box HP bits
9800 series?; Tape Cassette drive;
ZZZ AGBr ctd: Olivetti Programma 101 calculator (1980-50);
3 x Dolphin printers;
KSR Teletype (blue); Digiplot plotter;
HP-150 (ex-Fekete) + Think-Jet printer;

DEC LA30 Hardcopy Terminal;
2 x KDF9 Paper Tape mechanisms; Data Tablets.
ZZZ M22a mostly H9642s: DD11 (ex-MPS)+LQP02; 11/23 (ex-ABC)+TTY43; RL02 +Diablo; TSV05 +LNM03;
11T03-L +RL01+RL02+11/34 P.S.; ??+HP plotter; loose mux panels+LQP03; Cipher MUC0+cables; 2x
RL02+exabyte+LQP03; 11/24+23
ZZZ M22b cont, 48inch cabs:
CX-systems+11/23+Axis PC+2x 8inch disks; 11/45+11/23+11/10+11/05;
DD11+11/23+comperex+8" drives+CSIRO-11; VDU+2x speakers+2 boxes;
Cipher+RX02+DE cabinet; DE3000+cipher+RL01+disk; 2x DECgraphics 11/40+DSD
ZZZ M22c cont: boxes+printer; COMPEREX 11/73
(ex W'Mead); 2 x 11/03 trolleys; DM trolley+2x Tektronix video copiers.
ZZZ M22d cont; 48in cabs centre: 11/24
(ex-Optus,incomplete), Mux Distn Panels; 11/44, Dual TU58, Mux Distn Panels;

top - 2 x crates of cables; VAX-11/730, RL02, R80 -complete?(old donation);
DEC + ZZZ M24a mostly H960s; HP1000 + 2x HP7906 +3x HP9123; HP1000-A600;

3x 11/70 (ex-MPS); TE16-AD; TS11 (ex-MPS); TE10W;
11/34 + 2x RL01; 2x Memory boxes; 11/45+VDU; 11/23+micro-11/23+RX02+RL02;
transformer; DH11s; 11/45;
DEC + ZZZ M24b cont: +VT100 clone; 11/70; decdatasystem 11/45; 11/45+pertec
DEC ZZZ M26a mostly H9642s: 2x RA60-CD; RL02; 2x TU80-CB; 11X24-XY (11/44); 11/03-L+2x RL01; TS05;
CI750-BB; 11T23-BL+2x RL02; MV3600+RA82+TK70; dec 11/23+2x RL01; 2 x TU81; 2x BA11;
Kennedy 9300; D355-CZ (ex-Kyogle);
DEC ZZZ M26b cont: dec 11/23+2x RL01; 11/23+(ex-STC) +RL02; TU80; MV3600+RA82; 2 x 11/44 (ex-Optus); mux distn
DEC ZZZ M26c cont: (centre) 11/44 (ex-Optus); top 10x Vax-3100;
2 x RL02,Power supply covers,Dual TU58 (ex-Optus); top 7x
Vax-3100; 11/24, RL02, Dual TU58; top MIM-1 system, 3 x IBM PC; TU80, RL02
(ex-Optus); top 3 x crates cables,
Philips ZZZ M26d cont: TK50 drive, Philips X3321 display; Philips GP523 Gamma Processor s# 3402 (ex-Bankstown Hosp); top:
Philips Graphics display; side 3 x LA210, floppies.
zz..end zz..end