Australian Computer Museum Society Inc - a Federal Government Registered Educational CHARITY.

ACMS Easter update - 25th March, 2016 (jag). The ACMS was 21 years last September - we did not celebrate - too busy trying to secure funding for rents.

HELP!  -- >  HELP!  -- >  the ACMS (STILL) needs urgent FUNDS for storage fees !

The old EMI building at 6-18 Parramatta Rd, Homebush has now been demolished.

Many thanks to those who helped in the move to Villawood. Especially the Massive Office Furniture Outlet who were moving to Smithfield at the same time.

Still Urgent in 2015 - STORAGE SPACE and/or SPONSORS - download the form.

Now in 2016 - a free Calendar - print it out [best on A3 paper] and impress your colleagues.
Again with a BONUS extra month (for holiday planning).

Keep in touch easily by joining our Yahoo Group at acms-inc@yahoogroups.com for free.

Note - the AGM was held in May, 2015 - no changes to the Exeutive.

ACMS Vacancies - real HELP wanted

We still need the following in 2014:-
and before you ask if this is one position or four - the answer is YES.

The major requirements are to assist in the preparation of funding proposals and/or generating publicity and/or corporate sponsorship for a National Computer Heritage and Learning Centre. We anticipate an enthusiastic trainee wanting some work experience or a retired PR executive who needs a change or challenge. Work from home is expected.
A PC system can be provided. Renumeration: initially a good feeling inside and free membership.
Job title is fully negotiable.
Please contact us if you feel that you have the experience or enthusiasm.

The Alan TURING Year was celebrated on ABC Radio National Science Show on 16 June 2012. Listen here.
11th September, 2016 will be the 60th anniversary of the
official 'switch-on' of UTECOM at the University of NSW.

2012-2013 is the bicentenary of Charles Babbage's first thoughts to mechanise computing. Some of Babbage's work .

2013 is the centennial of the Sir George JULIUS Tote - internationally recognised as the world's FIRST Multi-User, Real-Time, Computer even though it was electro-mechanical. [He was also the first CSIRO Chairman] A working demonstration version is being built. Some TOTE images.

In October, 2012 our Treasurer attended the Internet Governance Forum in Canberra. As preparation for the forum, John GEREMIN prepared three discussion papers:-

  • It's TIME to fix the TIME for GOOD -- let us have "Oz TIME"
  • COPYRIGHT or WRONG -- WHO will control information and knowledge ?
  • Digital COPYRIGHT -- WHO will own the BITS and BYTES ?
    Click on the title or contact John for a copy of any or all of these discussion papers. Note: the ideas presented by John are not necessarily those of the ACMS Inc.
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    31-oct-2011 was the 50th Anniversary of the official opening of the Parkes radio Telescope. I am told that the film "The Dish" is not a documentary.
    Sony admits that the private details of 77 million playstation customers have been stolen (by hackers), 27-apr-2011. Is this a record ?
    Anniversary for 12-apr-2011, today is 50 years since the first manned space flight, by a Russian Cosmonaut named Yuri Gagarin. Some computers involved in that achievement too.
    Anniversary for 2-nov-2010, [known in Australia as Melbourne Cup Day] - celebrates 10 years of continuous occupation of the International Space Station - CONGRATULATIONS must go to all the Computer Gurus who have made it possible.

    COMMENTS, FEEDBACK, INQUIRIES, etc -- Please contact us or simply send a quick email to - acms @ acms . org . au

    As of Sept/Oct/Nov-2010 we are campaigning for space in buildings 201 and 208 at the old Callan Park Hospital site. Please visit the website Callan Park Master Plan and post your support for a Computer Heritage Centre on the site.


    The ACMS still needs help - it needs a home. The collection is terrific and we really want to be able to show people where the screen, keyboard and mouse they spend so much time in front of - actually came from. You'd hardly believe it!

    We have asked for advice and received many suggestions for locations to
    investigate in the greater Sydney region. We've followed up closed factories,
    empty offices, deserted warehouses, ex-military sites, heritage organisations,
    existing museums - but we still don't have a home.

    The ACMS Mission:

    • To collect and preserve artefacts relevant to the History of Computing in Australia.

      [see also our Aims and Objectives]
    • [email the Treasurer to donate something]

    • To collect and preserve personal and institutional IT histories
      [contact our President to contribute a story]
    • To create a National Computing Museum in Australia

      [assistance is needed now to persuade the government]
    • To establish a virtual museum on the Internet [later]
    The ACMS Status:

    • The ACMS does NOT have a display museum.
    • We DO have a COLLECTION of SIGNIFICANT items, some in a small storage unit south of Sydney financed by members, and some in a borrowed space near Strathfield.
      [contact our President for physical space help]
      [contact our Treasurer for monetary help - now]
    • The ACMS CAN receive tax deductible gifts.

    Computing History:

    Some ACMS History:

    ANNIVERSARIES - not so important

    Some January 2009 anniversaries of note were:-

    250th Anniversary of (original) British Museum,
    200th Anniversary of birth of Louis Braille,
    100th Anniversary of sinking of 'RMS Republic', over 1500 saved by use of new-fangled Marconi wireless device,
      50th Anniversary of launch of Soviet Luna 1,
      40th Anniversary (21-JUL-69), Humans landed on the Moon (aided by many computers).

      Also our very own "Australia's" first Electronic Computer,

    CSIR Mk 1, built by Pearcey and Beard, later renamed as CSIRAC - first ran in 1949.

    Our major achievement in late 2009 was sorting out our membership of the Collections Australia Network, [ see http://www.collectionsaustralia.net.au/collections ] where some sample items are now listed.


    Some Supporters and Links

    • Burnet Antique Computer Knowhow, c/- Max BURNET
    • Kennards Self Storage at Homebush
    • Megatronics - PDP-11 Support Services, c/- John GEREMIN
    • Sydney Heritage Fleet, c/- John RICH
    • The Discovery Centre.
    • The PowerHouse Museum in Sydney, c/- Matthew CONNELL
    • The Australian Computer Society [ACS] - the Society for Australian IT Professionals
    • See also The Trevor Pearcey Foundation Awards
    • and our friends below.

    The ACMS has had to move (again) - March 2016

    URGENT - We have about 500 square metres of items needing a home. If you can help with funding, or warehouse space, or a location where the ACMS could build a big shed, please get in touch with ACMS President, John DEANE. Gifts to ACMS are fully tax deductible.

    A couple of News items from March 2008

    a Link to the HP Museum in Melbourne [ a very good friend]

    Independent HP Museum
    a Link to our Western Australia Chapter

    The ACMS branch in WA

    Data General Nova - Front panel